Landscape photography holds a special place in my heart. It has a way of reminding me of my insignificance in the grand scheme of things. It puts into perspective how trivial our problems can be and shows me that I am but a small part of a greater whole. What captivates me even more is capturing the beauty that often goes unnoticed by others. It's about immortalizing moments that most people simply pass by without a second glance.


Kids are unpredictable, and that creates a challenge in photographing them. Anything can happen, and I love how they contribute to the shoot simply by being who they are.


Wedding is not really my forte, but a few shots came out well.


Photographing portraits is a genuine passion of mine. I love capturing the true soul of a person in an immortalized frame. It's just a millisecond of their personality, but frozen in time by the sheer anticipation of the moment in the photographer.


Not much into photographing interior, because it's lifeless. But I did it as a favour for a friend and ended up as a six page spread in the largest interior design magazines in Sweden.


Commissioned work to extremely talented music artists. Along with the job came a substantial friendship and I'm proud to know all of them.


This was a one time thing photographing a boxing match. And to be completely honest - I was bored. There was no drama, nothing of interest, but suddenly one of the matches went intense. I grabbed my camera and started shooting. All these pictures are shot within a time frame of less than a minute.


Everyone that knows me knows that I'm crazy about watches. I'm not that into still photography, I prefer people, but my passion for horology fuels these shoots.