Portfolio of Artist & Art Director Mikael Cedergren


Art Direction * Brand Design * Motion Design * Photography * Videography * UI

Lanefinder, tailored specifically for truckers in the trucking industry, has swiftly established itself as a powerhouse within just two years. With an impressive roster of over 5,000+ job listings and a loyal customer base exceeding 7,000+, this platform has made its mark.

As the Art Director behind Lanefinder, I had the privilege of shaping its complete visual identity. Recognizing the need for a distinct brand image, my aim was to infuse Lanefinder with attitude and uniqueness. To achieve this, I opted for a slightly more feminine color scheme and using the colors based on typical american road signage.

The response was overwhelming – within just a year, Lanefinder became a trusted and distinct resource, with truck driver schools regularly recommending it as a reliable job board with a unique touch.

As the main page for advertising and a distinctively designed landing pages, the website played a crucial role.

The platform served as a pathway for users to begin their job search. After applying through the website, I placed the registration process for creating an account at the end, leveraging the psychological commitment built throughout the application. Then, users were enticed into the app through emails and messages, with clear incentives such as having their application viewed by companies.

In the trucking industry, drivers need to find specific jobs due to strict regulations, making it challenging to offer enough value to become the go-to job search platform.

I tackled this by focusing on detailed filters, so drivers wouldn't waste time on jobs they weren't qualified for. The app also let us keep them updated on their application's progress and gently guided them toward actions that benefited both them and us.

Most communication with drivers went through the app, Lanefinder's main platform. Two of our surveys showed genuine appreciation for its design and user-friendly flow.

The challenge was that the trucking industry requires a detailed application with hundreds of fields to fill out, which can be tedious, especially for a new job board. Trust takes time to build.

I addressed this by simplifying the application process into a pre-qualification stage. Once a driver received interest from a company, we sent emails encouraging them to complete their profile. This approach provided companies with key information about the driver upfront, and eventually, they received a full profile meeting DOT and insurance requirements.

This strategy significantly increased job applications, growing from just a few to thousands each month.

A clear brand identity was crucial for quickly funneling jobs to our clients and making a notable impact on our target market to build a regular customer base.

I addressed this by developing a clear message that stood out among the competition. Additionally, I created a marketing asset library in Figma, which made it easy to maintain our brand consistency. This ensured that whatever truckers saw, they instantly recognized it as Lanefinder.

Promotional materials I created for MATS, the Mid-America Trucking Show, known as a one of the most prominent trucking convention globally. Our goal was to attract attention, and it's safe to say we achieved that, given the positive reception and results from the event.

YouCruit, Geophrey & Yobify

Art Direction * Web Design * Motion Design * Illustration * UI

YouCruit, an Applicant Tracking System that initially emerged in Sweden and later expanded its presence to the US, focusing on the trucking industry.

Recognizing the need for an enhanced brand identity, I created and introduced Geophrey, a robot character that represents the underlying artificial intelligence of the system. He has appeared in explainer videos, animated iconography, and other creative productions. By dressing Geophrey in different outfits, he aligns with any concept or idea, and further reinforcing the YouCruit brand.

For a brief period, YouCruit expanded its operations into a staffing solution known as 'Yobify,' offering a range of highly competitive staffing options.

Given the diverse range of brands under the YouCruit Group umbrella, there was a necessity for a dedicated site, and brand, tailored specifically for investors. YouCruit Group serves as the centralized hub for all B2B interactions within the company.

Connect Sports Group


Agency connecting soccer players with clubs, signing soccer players and producing promotional material.

I've consulted in business strategy and created graphic promotional material. Simply through the exposure of the graphics several players has been signed with Connect Sports Group.


Freelance * Brand Design

As a favor to a friend applying for a web design position, I took on an unofficial project while working freelance. She shared the brief with me, I felt inspired, and created the entire brand within 24 hours. The client was so happy they purchased the entire package.

Brainteam is a tech consultancy firm with a strong emphasis on sustainability. Instead of fully committing to a green approach, I sought to blend their technological expertise with their sustainability values.
A comprehensive branding package was delivered, encompassing presentation materials, branding elements, and print assets.


Brand Design

Engaged in a freelance project for a betting company aiming to refresh their logo. Dissatisfied with their current designer's work, they sought a new direction to distinguish themselves. After receiving the brief, I developed this design.

Psychology of Design

Private Project

Ongoing project tackling the mindset challenges of being a designer from my perspective as an experienced Art Director.

Sveriges Television

Brand Design * Motion Graphics * Videography

I had the privilege of working as a Motion Designer at SVT, the public broadcaster of Sweden. This showcases some of my past works during my time there. Please keep in mind that this reel reflects my skills from some time ago. Since then, I have made significant strides in my craft.

I especially take pride in conceptualizing the idea for "På Spåret" of filming toy trains, while faking a sense of realism. Although my original intro has since been replaced, I am glad to see that other graphic artists have followed my concept, keeping its essence alive a decade later.