Star Wars Card Game Concept

Several years ago, after an evening of playing Magic the Gathering with one of my friends, we started playing with the idea of creating our own game based on a similar framework as MTG, but with a Starwars theme. So we sat down and started concepting in text what cards should exist, what they would do, how we'd achieve balance yet uniqueness.

The idea is that the game consists of two decks, Imperial and Rebels, and each player picks either of them. The game starts off slowly by putting out tokens and once Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader hits the board, the game accelerates to a new level. Imperials are strong and massive, Rebels are small but many. Both have two sides of the force to assist in battle and you pay either by force or by mining resources. Then each card, depending on the type, uses either one or both type of payments. As an extra touch there's neutral cards that simply create havoc, like the sand people or Jabba the Hut. They can change the tide of battle completely if you are lucky or unlucky to draw one since they immediately end on the board.

After he left I was inspired and continued on til 4 o'clock in the morning. All the illustrations are snatched from the web from amazing artists, in other words, they are not mine, the design and concept is.

This is just a hobby draft and will not be sold in any way, it was just something fun that came about one summer evening in south of sweden by two happy dorks.